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Dr's 15% Glycolic Acid Cream, Scientifically proven the most advanced skin exfoliation, and rejuvenation cream for every type of skin which you cannot find in any store in USA also contains vitamins A,C,E 1.6 oz) $45.00


Dr's Ultra Moisturizing Cream This Fortified Moisture Facial Cream Hydrate, Fortifies and Rebuilds, Damaged Skin. 1.6 OZ $35.00



Dr's Oil Free Moisturizing Sun block SPF 30 This Ultra High Sun Protection Product helps Diminish Premature Aging Effects Caused by Prolonged Exposure to The UVA/UVB rays of the sun. 4 OZ $30.00


Advanced Anti-Phtoaging new complex SPF 50 Provides Broad Spectrum antioxidant SPF 50 Protects against sunburn, helps prevent Solar aging. 4 OZ $35.00


Dr's Vitamin C Eye Cream This Antioxidant Eye Cream is for Minimizing Small Wrinkles and Dark Circles Around The Eye. 1/2 OZ $40.00


2%/2% GLY/SAL Acne Medicated Pads Cleansing pads for the treatment of acne, with the skin enhancement properties of Glycloic Acid. Wipe the entire affected area with a pad one to three times daily. 60 Pads $30.00


Dr's Facials and Body Scrub Cream Deliver a soothing wave of cleansing heat as it gently removes dry, dead skin cells, excess oils and residue to reveal healthier, yonnger looking skins. 4 OZ $45.00