Welcome to Dr Golshahi's Website

About Me

I have been a Fellow and proud member of The American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery since I first started practicing Cosmetic Surgery in 1985. In my nearly thirty years of experience, I have developed mastery in a broad range of cosmetic procedures, with Liposuction (face and body) and Rhinoplasty being my most notable specialties. Rhinoplasty in particular is a procedure I consider to be the most challenging and demanding of a Cosmetic Surgeon's fine attention to facial harmony in creating a natural and attractive nose for each individual patient and client. My work, which I believe speaks for itself, is available in the photo gallery section.

In addition to Liposuction and Rhinoplasty, I regularly perform the following common surgical procedures:

1. Tummy Tuck- Mini Tug, 2. Breast Augmentation, Reduction - Breast lift, also Gynecomastia (Large Breast in Men) 3. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid), Otoplasty (Ears), Cheek Chin Augmentation 4. Face lift - Skin Mole - Skin Lesion - Chemical peeling MicroDermabrasion - (B0TOX ® Cosmetic), and Fat Transplant 5.  Spider Vein 6. Skin Care- Skin Rejuvenation 7. Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty)

My Philosophy

My personal motto says a great deal about my practice and my life's work thus far. That motto is: "Courage, Love, Forgiveness". I believe that a patient has to have the courage to want to improve themselves, while also having love in their hearts. Cosmetic Surgery is about self-improvement, but self-improvement means relatively little if the patient is undergoing a procedure for the wrong reasons. We carefully screen patients to determine whether or not they are an appropriate and suitable candidate for cosmetic enhancement. I try to personally treat every patient with as much respect as I would grant my own personal circle of friends or family, because I understand that the optimal patient/doctor relationship is characterized by honesty, trust, and mutual respect.

Office Environment

With an office staff well trained, versed in Farsi, Spanish, and English equally well, and with years of experience working with me, I know very well how to treat patients with dignity and respect while attending to their individual preferences and needs. Our office provides a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and what you would like to ultimately get out of performing a cosmetic procedure. I am proud of my years of service to the profession and of my accomplishments as a surgeon, and my hope is that you will be too!